DSPdesign.guru provides design and programming services for digital signal processors and amplifiers. The software used by DSPdesign.guru includes:
  • HiQnet London Architect, HiQnet Audio Architect, and HiQnet System Architect from Harman
  • Nexia, Audia, daVinci, Tesira, and Biamp Canvas from Biamp Systems
  • ControlSpace Designer and ControlSpace Remote Builder from Bose Professional Systems

DSPdesign.guru can provide the perfect solution for your project.

Audio DSP Programming
  • TurnKey Programming - The most common type of project is TurnKey programming. For a TurnKey project, DSPdesign.guru can provide everything needed for the project in a completely finished state including internal documentation for all DSP files, printed functionality documentation for all wall controls and iPad controls, and external control system documentation for use when programming systems like Crestron or AMX .
  • Iteration Programming - An Iteration project is one which is substantially similar to a project previously created for the same installation team, but with differences such as room names, the number and type of inputs, or the configuration of the speaker system. For an iteration project, DSPdesign.guru provides only basic documentation because the installation team already understands the system design and knows how to install it.
  • Proof of Concept Sketch Programming - A proof of concept sketch is often needed to confirm that a design concept will work with the planned equipment list. For example, a proof of concept sketch could be created to verify that the equipment list provides sufficient DSP power for the planned system, identify potential network audio bottlenecks, or determine maximum system latency. When creating a proof of concept sketch, DSPdesign.guru provides documentation of the requested concept test targets such as DSP usage, network audio channels used, or total power draw and heat dissipation.
  • Hardware Test Programming - Test files are often needed in advance in order to test the inputs/outputs of system hardware prior to delivering the equipment to site. DSPdesign.guru can provide test files for this purpose. These files can also be tailored to allow portions of the system to be tested even when the entire system isn't available.

GUI Programming
  • Computer based control - DSPdesign.guru can provide computer based control for any of the Harman, Biamp, or Bose platforms, DSPdesign.guru designs range from basic control using default control panels to completely custom control systems with graphics, logos, and color schemes designed to perfectly match the customer's needs. 
  • iPad/iPod based control - DSPdesign.guru can provide iPad or iPod based control solutions for any size system with a fully customized interface including graphics, logos, and color schemes to meet any customer's needs.