If you're creating custom programming in-house,
it's taking too long and costing too much.

You need the highest quality DSP designs
delivered on time, every time.

We can help.

Are you tired of guessing how much you should budget to program the digital signal processors in your project?  Do you worry about when the files will really be done and whether they're actually do what the customer wanted? It's time to let DSPdesign.guru eliminate the guesswork.
DSPdesign.guru projects provide:

  • Fixed pricing - An "estimate" of your project's programming cost is just another problem waiting to happen. You need to know exactly what it will cost and DSPdesign.guru gives you a fixed price every time with no surprises and no creeping expenses.
  • Guaranteed delivery date - Every DSPdesign.guru project has a guaranteed delivery date as part of the design specification. You'll know the delivery date before you authorize the work and your files will be delivered on time, every time.
  • Perfect functionality every time - Your custom programming from DSPdesign.guru is guaranteed to match 100% of the design specification every time. No exceptions, no excuses.
  • Full documentation - Custom programming from DSPdesign.guru includes documentation inside the configuration file to provide explanations for all major system functions, or attached documentation identifying all model parameters and values. You'll always know exactly what your model or simulation is showing you and your installer won't need to guess where or how to make adjustments.
Modern audio systems require solutions that are provably correct and that can be fully documented before construction begins. Complete and accurate models and simulations provide the information needed to be certain that a system will perform as intended.

The digital signal processor is the heart of every modern audio system, but having a perfect system design with all of the perfect components won't satisfy the customer without perfect programming. The greatest strength of digital signal processors is the nearly unlimited flexibility to program for any scenario. This same flexibility also provides nearly unlimited opportunities for error.

With programming provided by DSPdesign.guru, you're getting the benefit of previous experience programming hundreds of projects, the benefit of not just attending manufacturer certification classes but also teaching those same classes, and the benefit of a programmer who knows exactly what the true capabilities are of each piece of hardware.

Don't leave your system design and programming to chance. You need it to be right every time.
We can help.