DSPdesign.guru offers on-site services to support your project. Making DSPdesign.guru part of your site installation team will mean quicker installations with less time spent on installation roadblocks.  Whether you need hands-on support getting a convention center up and running or remote assistance perfectly tweaking the AEC in a conference room, DSPdesign.guru is here to help.

  • Remote System Configuration - If you can get connected to the internet on-site while also being able to connect to the DSP system, DSPdesign.guru can remotely control your computer and walk you through all aspects of setting up and configuring your system.  If you're having problems getting a system to behave or just want the reassurance of a second set of ears while setting everything up, a remote connection makes DSPdesign.guru an instant part of your on-site team.  
  • On-Site Support - In some cases, you want to be absolutely certain that you can immediately provide a solution to any customer issues or requests on site and have answers ready for any questions that might come up.  The perfect solution for that is DSPdesign.guru on site. We can provide on-site support for design and planning meetings prior to the installation as well as during your installation.  For a fast-track project or a customer with high expectations, on-site assistance from DSPdesign.guru will get your project finished sooner and with fewer issues for you to worry about.